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Got some help with teeth.

<>My name is Frederick Wirkus.
I would like to say a special thank you to Donated Dental Services, for their help with my teeth.  They made it possibal for me to get the impacted teeth worked on.  Although I still have teeth wrotted in my mouth, they did help me to get rid of the one that was infected. Thank you again for that!

<><><>Living on a very low income of less than $8000 a year gives us no money for such luxuries as teeth.  We have a hard enough time trying to buy medicines And food.  So, getting my teeth fixed is like a miracle!  I have been disabled with M.S. for 6 years now, so we are used to living cheap. I want you folks to know we don't waste money on things like trips or clothes, or even going out to eat. We are not wasteful. We recycle our rubbish! I tell you this so you know whem we recieve help, it is not wasted or abused!

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Frederick Wirkus
1121 Monroe Street
Sweetwater, TN. 37874-2038

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I'm not really sure what to put here.
I just hope I can find some help. 
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